Thursday, September 13, 2012

Health - Part 2/2

     Learn to accept that your life is not a series of random events, but a pathway of awakening. If you live every day in this way, you'll never grow old. You'll just keep growing. Imagine the day you turn 49 as the infancy of another life. A woman who reaches age 50 today and remains free of cancer and heart disease can expect to see her 92nd birthday. You and only you have the ability to customize your own life cycle. So change your thinking now and get going! You're here for a very important reason, and everything you need is available to you.

    You can choose to think thoughts that create a mental atmosphere that contributes to illness, or you can choose to think thoughts that create a healthy atmosphere both within you and around you.

Positive Affirmations For HEALTH

1. I enjoy the foods that are best for my body. I love every cell of my body 

2. Healing happens! I get my mind out of the way and allow the intelligence of my body to do its healing work naturally. 

3. I look forward ard to a healty old age because I take loving care of my body now. 

4.  I balance my life between work, rest, and play. They all get equal time. 

5.  I am constantly discovering new ways to improve my healthy. 

6.  I am grateful to be alive today. It is my joy and pleasure to live another wonderful day. 

7.  I return my body to optimal healthy by giving it what it needs on every level.

8. I am willing to ask for help when I need it. I always choose the health professional who is just right for my needs.

9.  I lovingly do everything I can to assist my body in maintaining perfect health. 

10.  I am the only person who has control over my eating habits. I can always resist something if I choose to. 

11. I have a special guardian angel. I am divinely guided and protected at all times.

12. Water is my favorite beverage. I drink lots of water to cleanse my body and mind.

13. Perfect health is my divine right, and I claim it now.

14. Filling my mind with pleasant thoughts is the quickest road to health

15. I devote a portion of my time to helping others. It is good for my own health.

16. My happy thoughts help create my healthy body.

17. I am grateful for my healthy body. I love Life.

18. I breathe deeply and fully. I take in the breath of Life, and I am nourished. 

--- I Can Do It ---

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The most valuable asset you can possess is a positive attitude about life

---"--I CAN DO IT --"---